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Home Staging for 4-bedroom home in Stormville New York (Dutchess County)

**This home had an accepted offer after less than 8 weeks on the market, way better than the local on-market average in fall 2010.**

We started with this house by going through the ENTIRE house, including the large basement and all closets. As it turned out, the owner had a ton of great things we would end up using throughout the house. (The headboard is a piece of art that was previously lying on the sitting room floor!) Since the seller was a busy executive and traveled quite a bit, not a whole lot of "moving in" ever happened... which meant not a lot of clutter (good) but not a lot of character (bad). The only painting was below the chair rail in the front sitting room/dining room. Then, luckily, combining her cool linens, art and objects with my inventory worked out beautifully. Window treatments and new furniture arrangements made a huge difference and showed this house in the best possible light.

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Before staging, the master bedroom sort of said nothing...

With staging it clearly says stylish retreat - more importantly, it invites potential sellers right in to see more.

This cozy nook in the master bedroom was just storage before staging.

Now it's clearly more square footage...exactly what buyers want!

A huge master bath needed some de-cluttering and some tweaks to show its best...

Now the space is clean and every buyer can imagine a bath with a view. (Artwork is important in every room!)

The family room has a great window and fireplace...

with some re-arranging, new art, and de-cluttering it shows like the versatile room it is.

Empty rooms don't inspire...

Staging shows buyers what's possible.

The country-style bedding felt completely out of place (and thus distracting) in the house...

So the major change here was bedding, along with art and adjusted furniture (there's a dresser just to the right, outside the pic's frame)

Can you imagine walking into a home for sale and seeing this as the first space?

Ah, this house is loved. Sit down and enjoy it!

Yet another cheap builder chandelier...

Gorgeous curtains, found in the owner's closet, and a new fixture make the dining room feel ready for a meal.