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Streamline U. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why hire a pro?

While many of us are gung-ho, do-it-yourself kind of people, there are always those times when an outside eye is vital. Someone who is not emotionally attached to those things that seem now to be cramping your style. And someone who can bring new ideas to your space, from layout to storage.

And you know your life, busy busy busy – getting organized seems to fall to the bottom of the list again and again. Something or someone always gets ahead of it. By working with a pro you commit to put yourself first, and to invest the time needed to get control and put things in order. In the long term, and even in the short term, bringing organization into your space and life is going to save you time and money, and reduce stress.

Can I afford a pro?

Well, of course you can. Think about the time and energy you’re losing right now, either searching for things, missing opportunities, paying late payment fees, or otherwise letting disorganization rule, you are losing money. Just 15 minutes wasted each day searching for misplaced items adds up to a loss of $9,000 a year for someone making $75K. Your time and your mental health are priceless, so investing in them is one of the best decisions you can make.

What makes a pro a pro?

Experience, knowledge, ethics. I am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), which offers education and guidance to its members and the public through its web site, publications, media outreach and an annual conference. NAPO members are committed to a code of ethics and maintain the highest professional standards for conduct and confidentiality.

How long before I'm organized?

Once again, we come back to the fact that there is no one way to "get organized." It depends on you, what you're comfortable with and how quickly you make decisions. Some folks are ready to speed through, while others take more time, slowly working their way up to feeling comfortable and good about throwing away or giving away things cluttering up their homes. Both "methods" are fine and will get you to your organizational goals.

Are you going to make me throw everything away?

The short answer is no. Your permission is required before anything is tossed. The longer answer is that you will probably find that an outside, objective eye will help you see your stuff in a new light, and thus you may well decide to part with some things. My advice is always if you don't love it (really love it), use it, or need it, then you probably could part with it. Feng shui principles apply here... when you let things go, it frees up energy and makes room for new things, and opportunities, to come into your life.

Are you going to wag your finger at me?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! I am not "rent-a-mom" -- no one needs that! (OK, almost no one!) I am a resource to help, guide and inspire. There is no place in professional organizing for criticism, period. You can feel comfortable, not embarrassed or otherwise. Remember, you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed, and I guarantee, no matter how much you may think it, you are not 'the worst'!

I want personal training for me and my stuff – now what?

The process begins with a consultation, usually in person, to discuss your needs and assess your space. We will design a plan of action that works for you and your budget, with flexible options for on-site work.

My boss/colleague/husband/wife/kids/friend needs your help!

Gift certificates are available. Great for folks who have everything and now need to some help keeping track of it all...or paring down. Just be sure your intended recipient will indeed appreciate this as a gift, and not as a nag!

Do I need to "prepare"? Do I need to buy new stuff?

You don't need to prepare for the consultation/organizing session except to think about your goals and priorities so we can discuss what's most important for you. So that means no "cleaning up"! How things are right now helps us assess your work habits - so we can devise straightforward solutions. After all, we want staying organized to be as easy as possible.
As for special storage or organizing tools (after we've determined what you need), it's up to you. They can be extremely useful, but they are not always essential. I can also shop for you, or I can recommend items for you to purchase. I also specialize in "re-purposing" furniture and other items you already have, which of course is the most cost-efficient way to go!

Contact Streamline U. today – personal training for you and your stuff is just a call or e-mail away.

"When I ask clients what they long for, the most common response is “peace.” Other top answers include “calm,” “space,” and “freedom.” Clutter keeps us from achieving these goals, and we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying larger homes. Empty space is more valuable – psychologically and physically – than almost any object."—Martha Beck, O At Home--Summer 2006