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Streamline U. Gift Certificates
Definitely Good for the Person Who Has Everything...and perhaps needs help keeping track of all of it!

If you have a friend or colleague that you know would like assistance getting his or her home or office in order, a gift certificate is a great gift. You can give a consulation session, one full session, or a series of sessions, depending on how much you want to spend.

I highly recommend that you make sure that this person does indeed want help though, simply because no one should have organizing foisted upon them. And you of course, want to help -- not make them more resistant to any sort of change. So inquire gently, see if they've already thought about calling a pro - chances are they have, in which case, your gift is golden! However, If they respond, "I would never let ANYONE touch ANY of my things, not in a MILLION years!" then maybe it's not (yet) the right time.

For gift certifcates, contact Streamline U.
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